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Building a
Dry Basement

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Waterproofing Is What We Do

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Basement and Foundation Waterproofing

The basement of your Baltimore home should have an interior drainage system and a sump pump for drainage, a vapor barrier to stop water vapor, and a dehumidifier for the humidity levels of the space. If all of this seems like too much or unnecessary, you have to remember that just because foundations aren’t built waterproof from the get-go doesn’t mean they are fine the way they are. Mold, wood rot, cold drafts and leaks are problems that can be improved with the right solutions.


Sump Pump Install

If you’ve noticed water leaking into your home's basement, leaving puddles on your floor, and saturating your belongings, you need to address this problem right away. Along with ruining your carpet, flooring, and any stored items, a perpetually wet or flooding basement can lead to mold growth in your home and unhealthy living conditions for you and your family.

Always Concrete Services is here to assist with a reliable waterproofing system and sump pump installation or repair.


Basement Drainage Channels

The best way to keep your Baltimore Home's basement dry all the time is to install a drainage system along the inside perimeter of your basement floor.

An interior system can bypass the expense and damage to your yard that is caused by an exterior drainage system. Interior systems cost half as much, install in 1-2 days, and are installed with no need to excavate the outside perimeter of your home.

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We are Always Waterproofing

it's true, we are always waterproofing, from basement drainage, to sump pumps, egress windows, concrete services, and everything you need to stay dry.


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Comprehensive Concrete and Waterproofing Services. Whether you need a new concrete patio or the water in your basement taken care of, we are guaranteed to meet all your expectations.

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In business since 2006 with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Some of our recent projects include:

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